Jess + Ryan // North Dakota Engagement Photography / by Ben Gumeringer

A really cool thing happened to me on an engagement shoot. I drove to Fargo and ended up being there about 4 hours early so I would have enough time to scout out good locations. I had a little free time and stopped by a thrift store like I always do. I picked up a Polaroid camera, hit the shutter, and a photo came out! Who knows how long this film had been loaded into this Polaroid camera. So I picked it up and walked around the store with it. I was waiting to see if the Polaroid that I shot would turn out or if the film was bad. The photo ending up turning out! I was super stoked and then bought the old camera for $3.99. When Ryan and Jess got to the shoot I informed them that I had only two shots left on this camera and we were going to have to use them wisely. We used the two shots at two different locations. Their reactions from actually holding a moment they had together made me feel so grateful and fortunate to be doing what I am doing. Capturing real moments and love will never get old to me.